An open notebook with a green pencil lying over the right-hand page. Above the notebook are 4 paintbrushes of various sizes (parallel to the top of the notebook) and a jar containing several more brushes. Photograph taken from above.

Freewriting Guide

This is the 1-page guide mentioned in How Freewriting Can Make You a Fast and Fearless Writer:

An open weekly planner with two paintbrushes to the left. Three tubes of paint (yellow, light green, dark green) are arranged on top of the planner. To the right are two antique medicine bottles (one dark blue and one green glass).

Track Your Writing Habit

This is the tracker I mention in Snack to Beat Writer’s Block: download your Writing Habit Tracker here.


A plate with Victorian floral design. On it is a snack of bread with carrot hummus garnished with fresh basil and lemon.

Rewards Planner

This is the planner I mention in Reward Yourself for Writing: