Race, LGBTQ+, and Business

Over the last several weeks I’ve been quiet on here because I’ve been doing a lot of listening, reading, and thinking as we’ve seen problems that have been around for centuries come to the fore in ways that they haven’t in my lifetime. I’m not going to respond to particular people or incidents, but in […]

How do you decide what to write?

Whether you’re writing a blog post or a book, you’ve likely asked yourself what you should write. It may feel like you could write about anything – after all, thanks to the internet, you can research anything you want. But just because we can do something, doesn’t mean we should.

What Happens When You Work with a Publishing Consultant: Interior design, proofs, and metadata

So you’ve finished your manuscript, thoroughly revised it, sent it to your beta readers, applied their feedback, and sent it to your proofreader. You must be done, right? No. Sorry, you’re not. Now it’s time to get your publishing consultant involved. What is a publishing consultant? I hired Sam Pearce of Swatt Books to help […]

Don’t commit intellectual property theft

I’ve had a few clients lately who had concerns about how to responsibly use other people’s words and ideas. In other words, they wanted to know how to be sure they weren’t committing intellectual property (IP) theft. What is intellectual property? We’ll start with the UK government’s definition of IP: Intellectual property is something unique […]