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Closeup on my book cover and hands. Cover is green and text reads: Jennifer Jones. There's a Book in Every Expert (that's you!): How to write your credibility-building book in six months).

There's a Book in Every Expert (that's you): How to write your credibility-building book in six months

This book does exactly what it says on the cover - it walks you through the process of writing and editing your expert book in only six months. It really is possible to get your book into your readers hands quickly, without letting the writing take over your life!

You can purchase it on this site at cost, or from your favourite bookseller.

Keeping Your Reader Front of Mind: Write easily and efficiently by focusing on your audience

I wrote this book for Bookboon's business audience. It's aimed at a corporate reader, though the writing advice in it applies in many other situations. Here's the description:

Whether we write quarterly reports, team emails, or advertising copy, all writers know the fear of the blank page. Keeping Your Reader Front of Mind gives you a system that alleviates this fear by putting the focus where it belongs, on the reader. It demonstrates how your writing is informed by why and for whom you are writing, offers an easy-to-use system for focusing your ideas, and uses an analogy between clearing out a wardrobe and writing to demystify the writing process. The aim is to help you quickly and easily write the text your readers need to read.

Book cover; main title: Keeping Your Reader Front of Mind. Image shows an Asian woman reading in a room surrounded by books.

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Ready Steady Websites

In this post, I show you 'How to Write Easily and Quickly' - in just 4 steps! After you read it, check out what else Jude and Chris Wharton have to offer. Make sure you purchase their book: The Website Handbook!

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Little Miss Purple

In this article, I encourage you to embrace the necessary messiness of the first draft to make the whole writing process easier!

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Coming soon

Check back in a week or so - you'll find a new guest post about using questions your reader might ask to make writing easier for you and more engaging for them!

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Other publications

Shine on You Crazy Daisy, volume 1

My chapter in this collection is called 'Finally Getting All of What I Want'. Like the other brilliant chapters, it's about why I started my business and what I did before I became a writing coach.

The Microgenre: A quick look at small culture

This excellent collection introduces the reader to the idea of the microgenre. My chapter focuses on anaesthesia fiction and explains what I mean by that term, how the microgenre started, and how it has changed over time.