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I was doing some decluttering recently and I found a notebook where I had, once again, started writing my book and, again, not gone any further than a few paragraphs.

Writing a book was something I always hoped I would do but didn't think it would actually happen; now I am receiving coaching from Jennifer, and it's actually happening! I very much doubt I would be in this position, where I am close to publishing, were it not for her. I'm going to be an author!

Vie Portland - VieNess Discover You Love You CIC

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Writing a book for my business just seemed to make so much sense. As it not only helped me to exorcise a lot of my own limitations it also befitted my clients past, present and future.

It has served as an endless resource for content, and it is an excellent tool for building know like and trust. I am only just scratching the surface of all the amazing ways in which to utilize the book and every day it brings me joy and confidence to know that my story can help others.

I could not have done it without the incredible support and expertise of Jennifer Jones. My business looks and feels like a success now thanks to her. Everyone should have a book for their business.

Abbie Broad - author

About Me: Dr Jennifer Jones

I'm a speaker, published author, and expert writing coach who has been helping people become happier, more productive writers since 2001. I trained to teach writing during my PhD at the University of California at Davis. I've taught at universities in the US and the UK, and now coach consultants, coaches, and healers to write their credibility-building books. My book, There's a Book in Every Expert (that's you!), came out to rave reviews in 2020. When I'm not talking about writing, I can often be found researching and writing about Victorian medicine and popular culture.

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