9 question quiz: Are you ready to write your book?

when you're ready to write your book, I'll show you how to easily fit the writing in around your existing schedule.

3-Day 1:1 Intensive

Spend three days with me and build serious momentum behind your book!

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Focused Planning session

First, we'll get to know your reader, focus your topic, and outline your book. We'll also discuss what further support you'll need.

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Write half your book

You'll spend about two days writing with me on hand to help you work efficiently and to talk you through any problems that arise. 

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While you write

While you're writing, I'll be busy helping to identify the right people to help you with things like cover design and book formatting, as well as creating a plan for how you will complete your book.

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Continued support

While you finish writing and prepare to publish and launch your book, you'll have email support from me as well as several 1:1 calls.

Working with Jennifer has given me a renewed love of writing.  She shows the perfect balance of Coaching and Accountability and what I have learned from her is priceless.” - Kari Roberts, Parenting Specialist

There's a Book in Every Expert

In my group programme, I take you from the idea that you want to write a book to having a ready to publish manuscript in just six months!

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Establish your authority

Writing your book demonstrates your knowledge and accomplishments in your field. It instantly raises your credibility and authority!

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increase your visibility

Writing your book makes it easier than ever to stay visible on social media - it's an almost inexhaustible source of evergreen content!

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Boost your confidence

Writing out your entire process from start to finish reminds you just how much you've learned over the years - it sends your confidence soaring!

A pink card that reads 'Dream, Create, Inspire' sitting on a white notebook on a wooden table with two cream coloured carnations above.

Increase your reach

Your book will help the people who need to work with you, but can't, as well as the people who have worked with you in the past. It's also a brilliant way for future clients to get to know you!

Still on the fence?

Do you know what's actually involved in writing a book?

Sign up for my masterclass to find out - that way you can make your decisions from place of knowledge and strength!

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Take the stress out of writing

We business owners do a lot of writing - social media posts, newsletters, blog posts, articles, books...! Having a systematic approach for most of that writing makes your life easier. That's what I teach my clients. Click the button below to learn how to decide what to write and make your writing faster and easier!

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No more waiting

Most would-be writers make this crucial mistake: they wait for inspiration to strike before they put pen to paper. Every day they waste waiting is a day that their message isn't reaching their clients. I teach my clients to stop waiting and take control of their creativity and inspiration! Click the button below to learn how.

What Others Say


I love working with Jennifer. She is patient, thoughtful, non-judgemental, extremely knowledgeable and always has a good idea for getting the creative juices flowing. Her coaching sessions give me structure and keep me accountable, and I always come away feeling that “yes, I can do this”!

Jane Eggers 


Writing a book for my business just seemed to make so much sense. As it not only helped me to exorcise a lot of my own limitations it also befitted my clients past, present and future... I could not have done it without the incredible support and expertise of Jennifer Jones. My business looks and feels like a success now thanks to her. Everyone should have a book for their business.

Abbie Broad


Writing a book was something I always hoped I would do but didn't think it would actually happen; now I am receiving coaching from Jennifer, and it's actually happening! I very much doubt I would be in this position, where I am close to publishing, were it not for her. I'm going to be an author!

Vie Portland

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Jennifer Jones

I'm a speaker, published author, and expert writing coach who has been helping people become happier, more productive writers since 2001. I trained to teach writing during my PhD at the University of California at Davis. I've taught at universities in the US and the UK, and now coach consultants, coaches, and healers to write their credibility-building books. My book, There's a Book in Every Expert (that's you!), came out to rave reviews in 2020. When I'm not talking about writing, I can often be found researching and writing about Victorian medicine and popular culture.

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