Workshops, 1:1 Coaching, & Entrepreneurs' Blogging Club

White background with green text reading: 'Think like an author;'. To the right of the text are two photos - one of a pick card that reads 'you can!' on a table with a notebook, pen, and cup of tea; the other is me holding my book - the book is the focus and the title is There's a Book in Every Expert (that's you!): How to write your credibility-building book in six months.

Think Like an Author

This 90-minute workshop and the 1:1 follow up call will get you ready to start your book. You'll own your expertise, commit to managing your time and any setbacks you face, and look at the skills you'll need to get your book into your readers' hands!

Cost: £45

Woman sitting at a table, writing in a notebook. Only her upper body and right arm/hand are visible; she's wearing a white jumper.

(Re)focus your book

In this 90-minute 1:1 session, we'll get to know your ideal reader and (re)focus your topic to make your book easier for you to write and more useful for you future readers!

This session is perfect for writers who have got stuck in trying to write their book and for those who are beginning to turn existing content into a book.

Cost: £175

I'm working on my laptop in a café. I'm wearing a white shirt and have long dark hair.

1:1 Coaching

If you're not looking for a structured programme, but you do want some support as you write your book, you can purchase 1:1 Coaching time with me.

The pay-as-you-go option is £150 per hour. Alternatively, you can book a 3-hour package for £375.

**Please note, I spend most of my time in the UK. If you live in a different time zone and want to check whether I'll be able to accommodate your schedule before booking, feel free to email me at

Woman with long brown hair wearing a white top is sitting at a table with an open laptop in front of her. she's holding her smart phone, looking at the screen and smiling.

Entrepreneurs' Blogging Club

Join to get the tools, support, and accountability you need to blog consistently and easily - £35/month

Membership includes:

  • Monthly live lesson and coaching call
  • at least 6 cowriting sessions per month
  • Resource library
  • Coaching via dedicated WhatsApp group

Write & Publish Your Expert book

These packages take you from the idea that you want to write a book, to publication day, and beyond!




This option starts with a 3-day virtual retreat during which you write half your book! 

4 January 2023




This option starts with two 2-hour workshops and then spreads the work of writing, revising, and publishing your book over 6 months.

16 January 2023




This option starts with two 2-hour workshops and then spreads the work of writing, revising, and publishing your book over 9 months.

24 January 2023

Write your book (writing support only)

Me sitting at a table in a café with Abbie Broad. I have an open laptop, cup of tea, and open notebook on the table in front of me. I'm turned to face Abbie and am gesturing with a pen in my right hand as I speak. I'm wearing a yellow jacket and white shirt and have long dark hair. Abbie is facing me (turned away from the camera); she has a copy of her book Does It Really Need to Be This Hard on the table in front of her (slightly blurred in the photo to emphasise us). She has short blonde hair and is wearing a sleeveless navy top.

3-Day Intensive for Your Expert Book

Spend three days with me to get serious momentum on your book. At the end of our time together, you'll have written about half of your book and I'll have created a detailed list of what you need to do to finish it as quickly as possible.

Don't worry - you'll also have 6 half-hour follow-up calls to keep you on track!

There are 1:1 and Small Group (4 participants) options!

Computer monitor mockup with keyboard and mouse. Screen reads '6-month course: There's a Book in Every Expert!'

There's a Book in Every Expert - 6-month Group Programme

This programme walks you through the process of writing your book from the beginning.

All the workshops are recorded, so it's easy to fit around your schedule. You'll also be supported in a dedicated Facebook group and have the option of signing up for fortnightly group coaching calls.

Programme starts at £1500

Format and Publish Your Book**

This course will show you how to format your book and the steps involved in publishing it to both Amazon and IngramSpark.

**The course is included in the purchase price of my book writing programmes discussed above: the Three-day Intensive packages and There's a Book in Every Expert.

Mini Courses, Workbooks, Community

All of these are included in the Entrepreneurs' Blogging Club; alternatively they can be purchased or accessed below:

Magic Ideas Generator

This course will help you generate enough ideas for your blog, social media, and/or membership program to keep you posting all year!

Price - £25

How to write with Writer's Block

Happy writers learn to work with their blocks - not bust or break through them. If you're ready to stop being blocked and get back to being a happy writer, you need this workbook!

Price - £5

Entrepreneurs' Writing club

Join my free Facebook group to get support, learn how to be a happier writer, and to connect with some lovely business owners who write!

We welcome all sorts of writers, so whether you write Tweets or books, join us!