DIY Resources

How do you decide what to write?

This post will help you choose a topic and outline your book.

How long does it actually take?

This 4-part series takes you through the steps of writing your book!

The entrepreneurs' Writing Club

You'll find support and advice from me and fellow writers here!

My Books

There's a Book in Every Expert (that's you!)

This book is for writers who are starting from scratch. It takes you from idea generation to a ready-to-publish draft in just six months! Of course, if you want to compress that time, you're free to do so.

There's a Book in Every Expert (that's you!) is also available from major booksellers.

Ready to Publish

This book is for writers who want to repurpose existing material.

What's existing material? It could be a draft you started a while ago, or transcripts from a course you've run, a workshop series, or from lives you've done in your Facebook group. The book shows you how to shape the material and turn it into a book!

Ready to Publish is available from all major booksellers. I'll soon offer it directly from this page, too!

Just need a little help?

Woman sitting at a table, writing in a notebook. Only her upper body and right arm/hand are visible; she's wearing a white jumper.

(Re)Focus Your Book - £175 ($215)

In this 90-minute workshop, we'll get to know your reader, figure out what they need from you, and focus your topic so you'll be ready to outline and write your book!

1:1 Coaching - £175 to £375 ($185 to $455)

If you want a little support while writing your book, but you're not sure when you'll need it, or you don't like structured workshops, this is the option for you! You can buy coaching by the hour (£175) or as a 3-session package (£375).

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Support for writing your book


  • Access to my Format and Publish Course
  • Access to my Book Launch Club

Computer monitor mockup with keyboard and mouse. Screen reads '6-month course: There's a Book in Every Expert!'

There's a Book in Every Expert - from £1500 ($1810)

6-month group course

This course walks you through the process of writing your book from the beginning.

All the workshops are recorded, so it's easy to fit around your schedule. You'll also be supported in a dedicated WhatsApp group and have the option of signing up for fortnightly group coaching calls.

Without coaching calls from £1500 ($1810)

With coaching calls from £2700 ($3260)

Click below to learn more 

Ready to join?

White text that reads: Turn your draft into a book. The text is imposed on a photograph of a stack of books on a cafe table.

Turn My Draft into a Book

If you've already written all or most of your first draft and are now wondering how to finish your book, you're in the right place!

Turn My Draft into a Book lets you join either my group programme, There's a Book in Every Expert, or my 121 option, Author, from the point when you (or I, for Author) start revising your draft.

How much does it cost to join each from this point?

Group programme: from £1000

121 option: £8000

Learn more:

Me sitting at a table in a café with Abbie Broad. I have an open laptop, cup of tea, and open notebook on the table in front of me. I'm turned to face Abbie and am gesturing with a pen in my right hand as I speak. I'm wearing a yellow jacket and white shirt and have long dark hair. Abbie is facing me (turned away from the camera); she has a copy of her book Does It Really Need to Be This Hard on the table in front of her (slightly blurred in the photo to emphasise us). She has short blonde hair and is wearing a sleeveless navy top.

3-Day Intensives for Your Expert Book - from £3500 ($4225)

Spend three days with me to get serious momentum on your book. At the end of our time together, you'll have written about half of your book and I'll have created a detailed list of what you need to do to finish it as quickly as possible.

Don't worry - you'll also have 6 half-hour follow-up calls to keep you on track!

There are 1:1 and Small Group (4 participants) options!

You can learn more about my 3-day intensives by clicking the buttons below. If you prefer to pay in USD, the prices are as follows:

  • 1:1 3-day intensive (via Zoom): £6000 ($7230)
  • Small Group 3-day intensive: £3500 ($4225)

Learn more:

Author: From plan to publication and beyond

Investment: £2,000/month for 6 months*

In Author, I work with you to write (or dictate) you messy draft, and then I do the rest - clean it up and turn it into a reader-friendly book; deal with the cover designer, beta readers, and proofreader; promote the book; design the interior of the book; and publish it on your behalf (so you retain all intellectual property rights).

 Author starts with a complimentary workshop in which we'll pin down your topic and working title. Below you can either book your workshop now, or learn more about how Author can work for you.

*Note: your only additional cost will be purchasing your ISBN numbers - this is to ensure you maintain your intellectual property rights as ISBN numbers are non transferrable. 

Book a free call if you need help deciding which is best for you!