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Developing a writing habit will make you a happier and more productive writer. It’s easier to write when you write regularly. I’m not suggesting you ignore all of your other commitments to spend hours at your keyboard every day. That’s actually not very productive or pleasant.

Your Writing Habit

What works, in this case, happens to be what’s easiest to fit into your schedule: write little and often. Commit to writing for at least 10 minutes a day, 5 days a week.

That may not sound like a lot, but you’ll be much more productive in a handful of small, focused sessions, than you’d ever be in a mammoth-sized binge writing session.

After you’ve written for 10 minutes, if you feel like it and your schedule allows, write some more. If you’re busy or you’re just not feeling it that day, put it aside.

You can put it aside guilt free because you’ve kept your commitment to yourself to write for 10 minutes.

Download Your Writing Habit Tracker

Download my Writing Habit Tracker.  You’ll need to print out one copy for each month you track your writing. When you’re starting out, start small. As your confidence in your writing and in your ability to keep your writing commitment builds, you can write for longer stretches of time.

On your days off, don’t feel bad about not writing; instead, celebrate by doing something that will energise you for writing later in the week or the following week!

Finally, if you struggle to write when it’s time, consider developing a simple writing ritual – like a bedtime routine prepares you for sleep, a writing ritual will prepare your mind for what you need to do: write!

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