Stop Waiting for Inspiration to Create Good Content 

Learn how to take control of your creativity - £35

Join me for a 90-minute workshop in which I'll teach you how to make space for creativity in your life & business. If you wait for inspiration to strike before you create the things your business needs - newsletters, blogs, social media posts, etc. - you could be waiting for quite some time. 

What's included?

I'll show you some tools you can use to unblock your writing when you get blocked (all writers get writer's block - the key is knowing how to work with, through, or around it). I'll also teach you some things that will help you prevent writer's block as much as possible.

These will all be gentle ways to nurture your creativity.

  1. 1
    Live workshop: Once everyone's in the Zoom meeting, I'll ask participants to turn off their cameras so I can record the presentation part of the workshop. After the presentation, I'll stop recording and invite everyone to turn their cameras on to discuss how you can use what you learned.
  2. 2
    Replay: Everyone will receive access to the replay of the workshop. When I send you the link for that, I'll include a summary of the main points and questions that came up during the discussion.
  3. 3
    Coaching call: When I send you the replay, I'll also send a link so you can schedule a 20-minute coaching call with me. This is a coaching call, not a sales call. We'll talk about your writing habits and how you can use what you learned in the workshop to make your writing easier.