Small Group (up to 4 participants)

Intensive for Your 

Expert Book

What can we do in just 3 days?

  • get to know your reader and craft a topic that will resonate with her (them, or him)
  • outline your book
  • make a solid plan for publishing and promoting your book
  • write 50% of your first draft

How does it Work?

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The planning phase

Step 1

We meet via Zoom. These meetings usually last 20 to 30 minutes, but if we need more time, that's fine. 

In this meeting we'll decide whether we're a good fit for working together. If we are, we'll have a chat about your book and the details for your intensive.

Then I'll email you the contract and invoice for your deposit.

Two brown notebooks on a table under a folded pair of reading glasses. The bottom notebook has the word PLAN in large black letters at the bottom.

Step 2

Once you've signed the contract and paid your deposit, I'll put the finishing touches on your retreat plan and send you the details.

Though we'll be meeting via Zoom, our time together will be more productive (and more fun) if it feels like a retreat. So, I'll send you a few little surprises to help you make your space feel like a retreat.

I'll also send you a detailed itinerary so you'll know what to expect!

Woman sitting at a table, writing in a notebook. Only her upper body and right arm/hand are visible; she's wearing a white jumper.

step 3

Between receiving your itinerary and our 3-day retreat, you don't have to do any preparation.

However, I know some writers are keen to get going as soon as possible, so in your welcome package, I'll send you a couple of creative exercises you can complete in preparation for our time together - if you want to.

The main event

A pink card that reads 'Dream, Create, Inspire' sitting on a white notebook on a wooden table with two cream coloured carnations above.

Day 1

We'll spend a couple of hours doing a combination of small group and individual exercises to help you get to know your ideal reader and what she (they, or he) wants from your book. As a group, we'll then discuss what you want your books to do for you, your businesses, and your readers before focusing your topics and producing your outlines. We'll finish the day by making your plans for completion by identifying key dates and determining what support you'll need (structural editor, proofreader, cover designer, book formatter, publishing assistant, book promotion plan).

White card that says Just Begin in the middle. The card is lying on top of a gold leaf-shaped plate which is on a weathered wooden table with some greenery at the top of the photo.

Day 2 

You'll spend most of the day writing. I'll be on hand to help you stay focused and motivated. Using breakout rooms, I'll help each of you (in 1:1 sessions) to identify your beta readers - once we've done that, I'll craft a message for you (or your VA) to send to them to invite them to help you develop your book. We'll also use those 1:1 meetings to discuss any writing issues you're having.

White card that says 'Stay positive' on a brown table next to a small potted plant.

Day 3

As on day 2, you'll spend most of the day writing, with my support and encouragement. Again in 1:1 breakout sessions, I'll talk you through your options for the support we decided you needed on day 1, help you choose the best provider for you, and assist with getting them booked.

Pink card that reads: you can! On a table with a white notebook, white pen, and cup of milky tea.

follow up

Between the end of our intensive and publication day, I'll provide email support and check in with you on each of the key dates we identified on day 1 of your intensive. You'll also have 6 45-minute group coaching calls to help you stay on track.

Throughout the retreat, we'll take regular breaks to go for walks, stretch, get some tea, and enjoy nourishing meals and snacks.

Check out these Bonuses

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You'll get lifetime access to the Book Launch Club! £1500+ value

  • Your book featured in my newsletter and across my social media at least once a year;
  • I'll interview you for my podcast;
  • you'll have a supportive community around you who are as excited about your book as you are;
  • you'll have access to quarterly implementation days (via Zoom) to produce the marketing assets you'll need to keep your book flying off the shelves;
  • and much more!
A pink card that reads 'Dream, Create, Inspire' sitting on a white notebook on a wooden table with two cream coloured carnations above.

Additional costs for publishing:

  • Atticus software: $147
  • ISBN numbers: £164 for 10 - they don't expire and are nontransferable
  • IngramSpark's fee ($50 for ebook and paperback); Amazon don't charge
  • Cover designer


I'm running the live beta version of this course in September 2022 (you don't have to be ready to publish to take it - just watch the sessions and provide any feedback you have). You'll receive the recordings of the beta run, and to thank you for your feedback, you'll get lifetime access to the final version of the course!

I'm selling a few spots on the beta version to clients I'm not coaching to write their books for £150; the final version of the course will sell for £350.


What kind of book will this work for?

This retreat, and my coaching in general, is for nonfiction books. The intensive retreat works best for your expert book.

Your expert book is one that focuses on how you help your clients - what you do, why you do it that way, and what results your clients get. The 3-day intensive is perfect for this kind of book because the hardest part of writing such a book is getting started. You don't need to do research (you live the experience you're writing about every day), you just need to write.

The retreat could work for other kinds of nonfiction, but we'd have to have to have a detailed discussion of what kind of book you're writing, what research you've done, and where you are in the development process.

Want to write a novel? I'm not the coach for you - I don't write fiction, so I don't coach it.

Am I ready to write my book?

To write your expert book, you must be an expert. This means you have experience in what you do, get good results for your clients, and understand how you get those results.

Note, I said you need knowledge of and expertise in what you do - you do not need to be an expert in writing! 

If you're not sure whether you're ready or not, take my quiz.

Tell me more about the support I might need!

We discuss this in detail on the first day of your retreat, but to help you understand the terms I used above and to prepare for our discussion, read on.

You'll only need a structural editor if you don't have time to refine your first draft before sending it to your beta readers. That is a service I offer, but I'll also talk you through how to identify other reputable editors and give you details of ones I've already vetted.

You will need a professional proofreader - publishing a book with typos won't help your business and you can't proofread your own work (I'm a trained proofreader, and I send my work to another trained proofreader). As with the structural editing, this is a service I offer, but I'll also help you find other options so you can make the best choice for your book.

Cover designer - unless you are a book cover designer, you'll need to hire one. A trained designer will help you produce a high quality, professional cover. There's really no point writing your book, if you're not going to package it in such a way that it will appeal to your readers.

Book formatter - this is the person who formats the interior of your book. Sometimes, cover designers offer this service. Other times, it's packaged with publishing support (see below). Occasionally, it's a standalone service. If you have the time and desire to do it yourself, you can purchase software to help you design your own interior. This is a service I offer, but we'll discuss all of your options.

Publishing assistant - you can do this yourself (if you do, read Sam Pearce's book Stress-free Self-Publishing: How to self-publish without losing the will to live), or you can hire help. This is a service I offer, but I'll also give you the details of other reputable assistants - the key here is to make sure you know what your intellectual property rights are and how to protect them. Which option is best for you, often comes down to questions of time and cost.

Book marketing - book marketing is audience building. If you need help building an engaged audience, I have a book marketing package you can buy, so you (or your VA) can learn how to get the word out about your book. If you already have an engaged audience but want a little help, you can buy a 'pick your brains' hour with me and we can discuss how to tweak your existing audience building efforts to support your book.

What my clients say


Working with Jennifer has given me a renewed love of writing. She shows the perfect balance of Coaching and Accountability and what I have learned from her is priceless.

Kari Roberts


Writing a book for my business just seemed to make so much sense. As it not only helped me to exorcise a lot of my own limitations it also be[ne]fitted my clients past, present and future... I could not have done it without the incredible support and expertise of Jennifer Jones. My business looks and feels like a success now thanks to her. Everyone should have a book for their business.

Abbie Broad


Writing a book was something I always hoped I would do but didn't think it would actually happen; now I am receiving coaching from Jennifer, and it's actually happening! I very much doubt I would be in this position, where I am close to publishing, were it not for her. I'm going to be an author!

Vie Portland

I'm sitting outside, smiling at the camera as I write in a notebook.
Jennifer Jones

I'm a speaker, published author, and expert writing coach who has been helping people become happier, more productive writers since 2001. I trained to teach writing during my PhD at the University of California at Davis. I've taught at universities in the US and the UK, and now coach consultants, coaches, and healers to write their credibility-building books. My first book, There's a Book in Every Expert (that's you!), came out to rave reviews in 2020. When I'm not talking about writing, I can often be found researching and writing about Victorian medicine and popular culture.