Let me turn your YouTube channel into a blog

In mid October 2023, I'll be launching a new editing service: I'll turn the transcripts from your YouTube videos into blog posts.

How it will work

Basically, you'll send me the MP4 of your video, I'll use transcription software to pull the transcript, and then I'll edit that into a blog post.


As with all of my editing, this will be priced by word - based on the wordcount of the first draft (in this case the transcript of your video). Your rate will depend on how well the transcription software can understand you (so good production value in your video will keep costs down for this service) and how many speakers are in the video. We will agree your rate before I start work, so before you commit to anything.

Videos with 1 speaker - from £0.04/word

Videos with multiple speakers - from £0.05/word

Spoken word vs readerly text

You can't simply pull your transcript and post that as a blog post - by now, we've all seen people try this. It doesn't work.

I, as a writer and editor, know what makes a good written text, so I'll turn your spoken words into something your readers will be happy to read.

Use your YouTube SEO work on your website

YouTube is owned by Google. While YouTube SEO and website SEO aren't exactly the same, there's significant overlap. I'll use the work you've done to choose your hashtags and tags for YouTube as the starting point for optimising your blog posts.

Not everyone likes video

By letting me help you repurpose your videos as blog posts, you'll open up a new audience. Not all of us like watching videos. I, for example, don't learn from what I hear - I need a text. While I'm not claiming to be normal, I'm not the only one who prefers text!

It will make your marketing easier

Once you have your videos in blog post form, you can easily pull lines out of the posts to use in your social media posts. Blog posts also make excellent starting points for newsletter content.

Join the Waitlist

Joining this waitlist doesn't commit you to anything. I also won't add you to either of my newsletters. I'll only email you about this service: Turn Your YouTube Channel into a Blog.

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