Join me at 4pm on 22 February!

Why you need to write your book Right Now!

Are you ready to live in the present?

This live masterclass is perfect for you if you're a coach or mentor who has been thinking you want to write a book 'some day'. Since 'some day' is conveniently always in the future, it's safe - you don't have to take action. But, if you're ready to live in the present and take action from a place of knowledge and strength, join me.

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

  • Do I have time to write a book?
  • Do I know enough to write a book?
  • Is writing a book worth the time and commitment?
If you have, sign up for my masterclass. By the end of our hour together, you'll know whether you have the time and knowledge you need - and you'll understand what you will gain from the writing process.

If you're ready to stop waiting for the perfect time to start, join me to find out what's actually involved in writing a book - stop letting fear stop you and start making decisions and taking action from a place of knowledge!

Attend live if you want to join me for a mini coaching session!

Why you need to write your book right now!

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