Books and Blogs

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Your Writing Ritual

Have you thought about your writing ritual lately?

If not, it's past time to do so - having one is the difference between making progress on your book and waiting around for inspiration.

How do you decide what to write?

Choosing a topic can feel hard because we could write about anything. 

 This post will help you pin down your topic and outline your book.

Who is your ideal reader?

If you know who your ideal reader is, it will be easier to write your book. Writing to a person is always easier than writing to an ‘audience’. Also, knowing some specifics about your reader will help you decide what to include and what to leave out.


Does blogging still work?

Read this post to find out how blogging works for your business, your website, and for you!

Using reliable sources

We're bombarded with information every day - read on to find out how to sift the reliable from the unreliable sources.

Should you let AI write for you?

The short answer is 'No, you shouldn't.' For the longer answer, read on.