Useful Videos

Here, you’ll find videos that I’ve recorded for other purposes, but think you’ll find useful. As always, let me know if you have any questions!

Embrace the Mess

This video explains how embracing the messiness of writing your first draft can make your writing life easier! I recorded it for Lauren Hughes’ Facebook group: Elevate Your Personal Brand – Bossing it with Lauren. If you have questions about branding, I highly recommend her group!

Embrace the Mess

Managing your internal editor

This is the first in a series on dealing with the things that cause writer’s block. We’ll talk a lot about your internal editor; learning when and how to get her to go have a metaphorical cuppa while you crack on with your writing is essential to being a happy writer!

Managing your internal editor

Procrastination – myth or reality?

When you feel like you’re ‘wasting’ time, try to approach the pause in productivity with compassion.

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