Turn your draft into a book

Have you written a first draft, but now find yourself asking, "now what do I do?" If so, you're in the right place! I have both done with your an done for you options to help you turn your draft into a book - click below to jump to the one that suits you and your schedule.

Done with You

This option is best for authors who want to be involved every step of the way. Since you've already written your first draft, you'll be joining my group programme, There's a Book in Every Expert, part way through.


You'll get lifetime access to these recorded modules for There's a Book in Every Expert:

  • Market your book - this module helps you start marketing now and continue after publication
  • Book the help you need - this module will help make sure any support you need like beta readers, editors, and cover designers are booked well in advance
  • First revision workshop - this workshop helps you sort out the big picture issues with your first draft
  • Second revision workshop - this workshop helps you fine tune your draft in preparation for sending it to your beta readers
  • Dealing with other people's opinions - this workshop helps you work effectively with your beta readers and editor, as well as preparing you for receiving book reviews

Format and Publish

To help you format and publish your book, you'll get free access to my soon-to-be-released course, Format and Publish. This course will show you how to format the interior of your book using Atticus. Note: you'll need to purchase the Atticus software ($147+VAT) and, for UK authors, ISBNs (£174) for your book. Writers in other countries may or may not need to purchase ISBNs - you'll need to research this yourself.


  1. You'll have access to a dedicated WhatsApp group for asynchronous coaching for 6 months from purchase - this allows you to ask me questions and learn from my answers to others' questions. If you want additional support, choose the Course + Fortnightly group coaching calls for 4 months from purchase option below.
  2. Access to at least 6 hours of cowriting per month for 6 months. In these sessions we meet on Zoom, state our goal, turn off our mics, and write; we then come back together at the end of the session to report progress.

Join Now

Course Only



This option gives you all the information you need to finish and publish your book on your own. If you find you have questions along the way, just pop them in the WhatsApp group.

Course + Fortnightly group coaching calls



In addition to having all the information you need to finish and publish our book and my support in the WhatsApp group, you'll have fortnightly group coaching calls for 4 months. Choose this option if you know you'll need a little added accountability to see your book through to publication day.

Done for You

This is the best option for authors who want to hand their draft over to me and let me get on with turning it into a book. See below for details of what I'll do for you:

Developmental Edit 

I'll clean up your rough draft and work with you to fill any holes I find in the manuscript - this is in preparation for sending it to your beta readers.

Beta Readers 

We'll work together to identify appropriate beta readers. Then I'll contact them and manage all communication with them - including sending your draft to them for feedback.

Second edit

We'll discuss your beta readers' feedback and then I'll apply any changes we agree to make to your manuscript.


Since I'll be too close to your book by this point to proofread it accurately, I'll send it to one of my proofreaders for a final polish and then review their changes.

Cover designer

I'll liaise with an experienced cover designer to produce sample covers for your approval. Then, I'll work with them to finalise the cover.

Format & Publish

I'll use Atticus to design the interior of your book. When you're happy with the design, I'll publish it as both a paperback and an ebook on IngramSpark and Amazon.

Pre-Book Launch

I'll work with you to identify appropriate early reviewers and send ARCs (advance reader copies) to them, manage correspondence, and collect their reviews. I'll also work with you to engage your current audience and build it with a lead magnet (sample chapters) ahead of your publication day.

Book launch

Once we have a sufficient number of reviews on your Amazon author page and elsewhere, I'll put your book on 3 key book promotion sites. This will increase sales and your author profile.

Note: Your £8000 fee covers everything listed here, but you will need to purchase your own ISBNs (£174). I cannot do this for you because ISBNs are non-transferable & I insist that my authors retain all of their intellectual property rights.

Book a call so we can see if the done-for-you option is a good fit for you and your book!