Think Like an Author

When you finish Think Like an Author you'll be ready to write your book! You'll be confident you have the knowledge and commitment to see it through to publication (and beyond). You'll understand what steps are involved, what help you want along the way, and where you'll find the time.

In short, you'll be thinking like an author!

What's included?

  • a downloadable workbook
  • an optional mini-course that consists of video introductions for each section of the workbook.

What's in the workbook

I don't know about you, but I always want to see the table of contents before I decide to buy a book. Here's what's in the TLA workbook!

  • page 1  - About the Author
  • page 2  - Why did I create Think Like an Author?
  • page 4  - Step 1: Own Your Expertise
  • page 15 - Step 2: Time and Setbacks
  • page 29 - Step 3: Skills Audit
  • page 32 - Checklist
  • page 33 - Your next step: Get to know your reader
  • page 34 - Learn more about working with me

What you'll learn

The image to the right is the checklist on page 32 of what you'll learn in TLA:

  • Have a clear picture of what you've accomplished in your life and business
  • Understand how you help others?
  • Have proof that others value your expertise
  • Know how you work best?
  • Know how you'll find time for your book
  • Feel confident that you've overcome setbacks in the past?
  • Understand how to use what you learned from those setbacks to deal with tough writing days?
  • Have a clear idea of what skills you need to use, learn, or outsource to get your book out of your head and into your readers' hands?

Are you ready to Think Like an Author?