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What will I learn?


Days 1 & 2

Own your expertise

First, you'll learn to own your expertise and find ways to remind you of it as you write your book - even on the days when things don't go to plan.


Days 3 & 4

Time and setbacks

Then, we'll look at what 'counts' as writing time and where you can find it in your schedule and at how you can be a resilient and committed writer.


Day 5

Skills Audit

We'll look at the skills you need to write, publish and promote your book, take stock of yours, and discuss how you can acquire or outsource the rest!

How will it work?


I'll pop into the group live every day at 10am for a short discussion of the day's topic - can't make it live? It will be in the Guides section in the group. You'll then have the rest of the day to complete that day's quick task in your workbook.

I know we're all busy - when I say short, I mean 10 to 15 minutes.


Each day you'll be encouraged to post part of your task for the day in the group.

To encourage you to participate, and to get the most out of the workshops, there will be prizes for participation!

Email support

Each day, I'll email you a reminder shortly before I go live.

I'll link to the workbook and Facebook group in each of these emails, so you don't need to waste any time looking for them!

Step 1

check your email 

Go back to the inbox you were just in.

Step 2

open the email from me

Find the email I just sent - the subject line is: Thanks for signing up for Think Like an Author!

Step 3

Join the FB group and enter the drawings

The email details how to join the group where everything will happen & enter 2 drawings - the prizes are amazing for new authors!

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