The EWC (Entrepreneurs’ Writing Club) is designed to help you with all of the writing you need to do for your business.

We write a lot – social media posts, emails, blog posts, course materials, … For too many of us, writing causes stress, which leads to procratination.

So, if you need help with your writing, check out the options below.

Free writing support

Join my free Facebook group. You’ll get some live coaching from me and you’ll meet lots of other writers who are eager to support one another. Click the button below:

Make sure you also sign up for my free membership. In the free members area, you’ll find all sorts of resources – including a PDF copy of my book, There’s a Book in Every Expert (that’s you!). When I share a resource in the Facebook group, I also put it in the members area of my website – that way, you don’t have to scroll through weeks worth of posts to find the thing you think you remember me posting.

Support for bloggers

The blogger support section of the EWC is called Be a Happy, Visible Blogger, or HVB for short. It includes both recorded mini-courses on topics including idea generation (Magic Ideas Generator) and a time-saving writing system (Using Questions to Make Writing Faster and Easier). Click the button below to learn more.

Monique Basil-Wright - Monique has black hair and dark skin that contrasts beautifully with her pale pink top and pink lipstick. She's sitting at a modern white desk with an open laptop and has turned to face and smile at the camera.

The thought of writing a blog, newsletter or longer form social media post used to be a huge source of anxiety. Worrying about what to write, how to write it or even where to start! Working with Jennifer, that worry, and anxiety has been replaced with excitement and confidence! I have my plan of how frequently I am going to post, subjects and bullet points for each. I feel confident in what I am writing about and how it fits into my overall strategy. On top of that Jennifer has helped to shift my mindset. It isn’t a chore to write a blog post or newsletter, it’s a great way to keep in touch with my audience and clients.

Monique Basil-Wright, The Wright Stationery