Review a Book, Get a Workshop

The Kindle versions of both of my self-published books currently on sale for 99p! If you buy one, leave a review, and email that review to me (jennifer@ewc.coach), I'll send you a 100% discount code for one of my workshops:

  • Think Like an Author: this workshop helps you with the mindset work you need to do before you start your book
  • Get to Know Your Reader: this workshop takes you through the important, but often ignored first step in writing your book

If you want to buy and review both books, I'll send you two discount codes - and you can attend both workshops!

IMPORTANT NOTE: I value all reviews - you'll get a free workshop whether you give me 5 stars or 1 star.

How it Works

Step 1: Buy the book

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Step 2: Review the book

Review the book on Amazon and email me a screenshot: jennifer@ewc.coach

Step 3: Register for a workshop

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The Books

Ready to Publish

This book helps you turn a draft you started ages ago and can't seem to finish or a course you've developed into a ready to publish book! 

There's a Book in Every Expert (that's you!)

This book takes you from the idea that you want to write a book to having a ready to publish manuscript in just 6 months!

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The Workshops

White background with green text reading: 'Think like an author; https://ewc.coach'. To the right of the text are two photos - one of a pick card that reads 'you can!' on a table with a notebook, pen, and cup of tea; the other is me holding my book - the book is the focus and the title is There's a Book in Every Expert (that's you!): How to write your credibility-building book in six months.

Think Like an Author takes you through the pre-work you need to do to get ready to write your book. You'll learn to own your expertise, manage your time, deal with setbacks, and more!

Get to Know Your Reader takes you through the crucial (but often skipped) first step in writing your book - getting to know you reader. This makes writing your book easier. It also make your book more useful for your readers!