First Steps to Your First Book

You’ve been thinking about writing a book. You know you have a message you need to share with the world, but you don’t know where to start. You worry you’re not enough in some way – smart enough, talented enough, disciplined enough … It doesn’t have to be this hard. Sign up today to learn the easy and fun way to start your book, be inspired, and gain confidence in your ability to finish it!

Course content


  1. Get to know your ideal reader
  2. Connect with how you want your reader to feel
  3. Get clear on your topic

Bonus materials:

  • Getting started – Overview
  • Text-based resources

Interviews with published authors

  1. Lor Bradley
  2. Abbie Broad
  3. Lucie Dickenson
  4. Gillian Jones-Williams
  5. Åsa Magnusson
  6. Nancy Mueller
  7. Kim O’Neill
  8. Sam Pearce
  9. Sophie Personne
  10. Susie Ramroop
  11. Rachael Setford-Berry
  12. Sonya Sigler

3 roundtable discussions with the authors!