Let's talk about 

Scandalous Books!

If you're enjoying my podcast, and you'd like a space where you can talk about the books and issues I've raised, join a discussion group!

These groups will meet fortnightly (in the weeks without new episodes), starting the week of 11 April. 

How will the sessions work?

When you sign up, you'll receive a confirmation email that will include a Zoom link so you can join the conversation!

The discussion groups will be informal. No one's judging what you say - or whether or not you finished the book. And everyone will get a chance to speak.

Just make sure you've listened to the latest episode before you join in!

Each meeting will be structured like this:

  1. Welcome and initial reactions,
  2. Breakout rooms for small group discussion of a relevant question/topic,
  3. Feedback on small group discussion to the whole group,
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until we run out of time.

Discussion Group Times

Please note these days/times are subject to change. If I need to change them, you'll receive advance warning via email.

  • Mondays at 11am (London)
    Starting on 11 April, we'll meet fortnightly on Mondays at 11am (London). Upcoming dates are: 11 April, 25 April, 9 May, & 23 May.
  • Tuesdays at 2pm (London)
    Starting on 12 April, we'll meet fortnightly on Tuesdays at 2pm (London). Upcoming dates are: 12 April, 26 April, 10 May, & 24 May.
  • Thursdays at 7pm (London)
    Starting on 14 April, we'll meet fortnightly on Thursdays at 7pm (London). Upcoming dates are: 14 April, 28 April, 12 May, & 26 May.

What happens after you sign up?

After you sign up, you'll be added to the Scandalous Books Discussion Group course on my website.

Once you log in, you'll find lots of useful resources, like links to the books we're reading, and you'll be able to sign up for individual meetings. You'll need to register for each meeting so I know how who's coming! 


monthly suscription

£7 /mo.

After a free 14-day trial period, you'll pay £7 each month to stay in the Scandalous Books Discussion Group.

At just £3.50/session, this option is good value for money! And the monthly subscription option is great if you're not sure you want to commit to 12 months at a time, or if you can't commit to spending £70 today.

Annual subscription

£70 /yr.

After a free 14-day trial period, you'll pay £70 each year to stay in the Scandalous Books Discussion Group.

This option is great value for money - it gives you 24 discussion sessions at under £3 per session. The coffee you drink during your session likely costs more than that!