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Hi! I'm Jennifer

I've been helping people become happier, more productive writers since 2001! 

I trained to teach writing during my PhD at the University of California at Davis. Now, I take what I learned from working with hundreds of students and use it to help you fit writing your book in around your already busy schedule.

I promise, I'll never tell you you must get up at stupid o'clock in the morning or give up nights in the pub with your friends to write your book!

Just Imagine...

What if writing your book was really easy?

What if your book connected with and helped your readers?

What if your book inspired more of your ideal clients to work with you?

What if someone led you through the process one little step at a time?

Well, it's your lucky day... because...

You're invited to join There's a Book in Every Expert!

In this six-month course, you'll go from wanting to write your book to having a ready to publish manuscript!

Computer monitor mockup with keyboard and mouse. Screen reads '6-month course: There's a Book in Every Expert!'

You can be a published author soon!

You've likely heard that publishing your book will increase your visibility and credibility - it will! But, you've put off writing your book because you don't know where to start or worry you don't have time.

Stop! I guide you through the whole process in my book! As for time, it really doesn't take as long as people imagine. Read on to find out more!

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Commit to writing your book the easy way!

When we write little and often, we're happier, more productive writers! You don't need to clear the decks or find a quiet few weeks in a cabin to write your book.

All you need are 10 to 30 minutes at a time sprinkled throughout the week. You'll be surprised by how much you can write in just 10 minutes!

What Others Say


I was doing some decluttering recently and I found a notebook where I had, once again, started writing my book and, again, not gone any further than a few paragraphs.

Writing a book was something I always hoped I would do but didn't think it would actually happen; now I am receiving coaching from Jennifer, and it's actually happening! I very much doubt I would be in this position, where I am close to publishing, were it not for her. I'm going to be an author!

Vie Portland 

 / at Vieness Discover You Love You CIC


Writing a book for my business just seemed to make so much sense. As it not only helped me to exorcise a lot of my own limitations it also befitted my clients past, present and future.

It has served as an endless resource for content, and it is an excellent tool for building know like and trust. I am only just scratching the surface of all the amazing ways in which to utilize the book and every day it brings me joy and confidence to know that my story can help others.

I could not have done it without the incredible support and expertise of Jennifer Jones. My business looks and feels like a success now thanks to her. Everyone should have a book for their business.

Abbie Broad

/ at Now Watch Me Fly Ltd.

Writing your book will establish you as an expert in your field.”

Here's how it works

My hand holding a purple crayon as I'm about to write on pink paper. The writing surface is bright yellow. There's an open box of crayons above the page I'm writing on.

Module 1

First Steps to Your First Book. In this pre-writing workshop, you'll get to know your ideal reader, connect with how you want them to feel when they read your book, and pin down your topic.

Purple book with the title in gold: 'Planning Like a Boss'. The book is stacked on top of two notebooks next to two small potted plants on a white table.

Module 2

Outline Your Book. In this workshop, you'll outline your book. Unlike the outlines you're used to, this one uses questions to make the writing process easier!

A pink card that reads 'Dream, Create, Inspire' sitting on a white notebook on a wooden table with two cream coloured carnations above.

Module 3

Market Your Book. This workshop will show you how to start connecting with your readers before you even finish your first draft - they'll be excited to buy and read your book on publication day!

Two women shaking hands - focus on their hands. One has red nail polish and is wearing a white top with a red print. The other is wearing a white top.

Module 4

Book the Help You'll Need. Not a book cover designer? Don't know how to find one? No worries - this workshop will walk you through what help you might need and help you find and book reputable professionals to make your book brilliant!

"Backwards" spelled out in scrabble tiles on a white table.

Module 5

First Revision Workshop. In this workshop, you'll use techniques like the reverse outline to sort the big-picture issues in your book. This will help you make sure your book is reader-friendly.

White card that reads 'It's all about the little things' next to a smart phone, pair of glasses, and mug of tea on a light background.

Module 6

Second Revision Workshop. This is when your inner critic/editor gets to come out to play. In your second revision, you'll sort out all the little sentence-level issues like word choice and punctuation (to the best of your ability - the final polish is done by your editor/proofreader) - before you send your draft to your beta readers.

White card that says 'Stay positive' on a brown table next to a small potted plant.

module 7

Dealing with Other People's Opinions. People have opinions. When you write a book, some of them will share their opinions with you. You need to be prepared to deal with them, so in this workshop we talk about how to respond to your beta readers' feedback, your editor's feedback, and everyone else's take on your book. Once you've dealt with your beta readers' and editor's feedback, you'll be ready to send your book to your publisher!!

Which will you choose?

DIY or Live coaching calls 

At checkout, you'll have the option to add fortnightly group coaching calls to the course outlined above. These are great for accountability and added support! 

The calls will give you the opportunity to ask questions, get to know your fellow authors, and more.

Check out these Bonuses

I'm facing my computer screen and smiling; I'm sitting in front of a bookcase and wearing a white shirt.

Exclusive Facebook Group

Facebook group support - £600 value

Have a question between coaching calls? Post it in the Facebook group! I'll pop in there most days to answer questions and check how you're doing on the course.

Also, use the group to connect with and support each other - your ideal readers just might be in there!

Two women high-fiving each other. Both have long brown hair. Right - wearing a white top with a grey waistcoat. Right - wearing a red and white printed dress.

Book Launch Club

You'll get lifetime access to the Book Launch Club! £1500+ value

  • Your book featured in my newsletter and across my social media at least once a year;
  • I'll interview you for my podcast;
  • you'll have a supportive community around you who are as excited about your book as you are;
  • you'll have access to quarterly implementation days (via Zoom) to produce the marketing assets you'll need to keep your book flying off the shelves;
  • and much more!
A pink card that reads 'Dream, Create, Inspire' sitting on a white notebook on a wooden table with two cream coloured carnations above.

Additional costs for publishing:

  • Atticus software: $147
  • ISBN numbers: £164 for 10 - they don't expire and are nontransferable
  • IngramSpark's fee ($50 for ebook and paperback); Amazon don't charge
  • Cover designer

Book formatting and publishing course

I'm running the live beta version of this course in September 2022 (you don't have to be ready to publish to take it - just watch the sessions and provide any feedback you have). You'll receive the recordings of the beta run, and to thank you for your feedback, you'll get lifetime access to the final version of the course!

I'm selling a few spots on the beta version to clients I'm not coaching to write their books for £150; the final version of the course will sell for £350.

Total value of the Course and Bonuses

DIY: £1500

With coaching calls: £2700

Writing a book has been a life changing experience for me.” --Abbie Broad

I'm holding my book. The cover is green. Title: There's a Book in every Expert (that's you!): How to write your credibility building book in six months. Between the main and sub titles is an image of an open notebook and a black pen. Only my upper body and the lower half of my face are visible (both blurred slightly to put the emphasis on the book). My hands are in focus - blue nail polish; two gold rings on my right hand; a gold ring and a silver wedding band o my left; a gold bracelet on my left wrist, I'm wearing a white shirt.

This course is perfect for you if...

  • You're established in your business
  • You're clear on how you help your clients
  • You help people solve a problem - as a coach, mentor, consultant, speaker, ...
  • You're ready to commit to writing a book for yourself and your business!

Still have questions

Main focus - a dark blue card that reads 'You've Got This' in white letters. Blurred in the background - a woman with long light brown hair wearing a white and grey top.

Do I have time?

Writing a book doesn't take as long as people imagine. Most of the work happens in the first 8 weeks. Look at this rough timeline to get an idea of what's involved:

  • Weeks 1 to 8: modules 1 to 4; write your first draft - 5 hours per week (broken up into shorter chunks - 10 to 30 minutes each)
  • Weeks 9 to 12: modules 5 and 6; revise your draft - 3 hours per week (chunked as before)
  • Weeks 13 to 16: module 7; your draft is with your beta readers - 1 hour (total, not per week)
  • Week 17: apply your beta readers' feedback - 5 hours
  • Weeks 18+: your draft is with your editor - 0 hours
  • Final week: apply your editor's feedback and send your draft to your publisher - 5 to 8 hours.

Do I know enough to fill a book?

If you're trained to help your clients and you consistently get good results for them, you know more than enough to fill a book. Remember, you don't have to be the expert (there's no such thing), you just need to be an expert who's joining the larger conversation in your field.

Not convinced? Read this post: Do You Know Enough to Write a Book?

Will this system work for me?

I've worked with a wide variety of writers. Some of them have multiple degrees, some of them don't have any. Some have lots of demands on their time and energy in addition to running their businesses (children, elderly parents, chronic health conditions), some don't. What they all have in common is that my system works for them when they let it.

What does that mean? When they commit to writing little and often and fully embrace the idea of the messy first draft, it works. When they resist by trying to write a perfect first draft or force themselves to write for hours at a time, it doesn't.

What does this mean for you? Whether the system works for you or not is up to you.

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