Get to Know Your Reader - £45

New authors often think the first step in writing their book is to focus the topic and outline the book.

They're wrong!

The first step is getting to know the ideal reader - taking the time to do this makes writing your book as easy as talking to a friend. It also makes your book more useful for your reader, which increases reader satisfaction and book sales!

While this workshop is for new authors, if you've already started your book, getting to know you reader will make finishing it easier for you.

Stack of books on a cafe table.

**Note - this is a workshop, not a webinar. It contains no discussion of how you can work with me further. 

1:1 Follow-up Coaching Session

After the workshop, you'll get a link to book a 20-minute 1:1 coaching call with me - that way you get dedicated time to ask questions so you can make the most of what you learn!

Available Dates & Times

All times - GMT

Choose the time that suits you best, but if you can't join us live - no worries, I'll send everyone the recording so you can watch the replay. But do try to join live if you can - we'll be meeting via Zoom, and I'll pause for questions at the end of each section of the workshop.

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