Four weeks of writing coaching

Many of us are facing months of disrupted schedules. I’ve seen countless business owners post about their grand plans for productivity while social distancing.

They’re right that this is a good time to get ahead on the writing you need to do for your business (blog posts, social media posts, and general content creation), and I admire their enthusiasm.

However, the enthusiasm for being more productive now that ‘I have time’ reminds me of what academics tell themselves at the start of every summer break. They imagine they’ll have loads of time, but then looking after the house, children, and others take priority. At the end of every summer, academics everywhere wonder where the time went and why the writing didn’t get done.

This stresses them out because academia is very much a ‘publish or perish’ field – so is your business. I want to help you not feel that sinking feeling that you’ve ‘wasted’ your time in a few months.

To that end, I’m offering 4 weeks of writing coaching for £30. In week 1, we’ll schedule a 45 minute Zoom call to discuss what you want to write over the next four weeks and prioritise the various writing tasks based on which tasks are going to help maintain or build your business. In weeks 2 through 4, we’ll have 20 minute calls to discuss progress, find ways to deal with the challenges that have come up since our last meeting, and to celebrate wins.

For increased productivity and accountability (and decreased feelings of isolation), you’ll also have access to at least 3 virtual co-working sessions per week. I’ll email Zoom links to you and you can attend any sessions that suit your schedule.

If you want to sign up for 3 months of coaching, you’ll get a £5/month discount: 3 months for £75.

Let me know if you have any questions; you can contact me here.

4 weeks of coaching


3 months of coaching (12 weeks)


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