Susie Ramroop – author and mindset coach

Women in business turn to Susie when their career and life are not meeting expectations. She expertly stops unhelpful patterns of self-judgement and impostor syndrome and focuses on what matters – progression AND fulfilment.

With heart and humour, Susie brings easy clarity to confidently stepping into leadership – at home and at work. She is a highly sought after speaker, and coaches clients both privately over zoom and during her utterly transformational forest retreats.

To help you get to know her and get you on your way to silencing your inner impostor, Susie is giving participants the chapter on impostor syndrome from her book and offering them the chance to win an accountability session with her! Sign up for the retreat here to get your free chapter and enter for your chance to win.

How the book will help you

Susie wrote Be the Leader You Want to See for women who are waiting for a role model before they advance their career. Who are looking for another leader to go first and are frustrated that it’s taking so long.

She shows you that you are that leader. Now is the time to show it.

Most leadership books teach you what to fix, but you aren’t broken; you simply need to unlock the goldmine of talent you already possess and remarket it for the greatest impact.

In three parts this book will bring:

1. Awareness

  • Break free from the agonising search for fulfilment
  • Silence your inner impostor who has kept you playing small

2. Bravery

  • Bring all of who you are to work
  • Develop the courage to speak up for what you want, and get it

3. Contribution

  • Make the important decisions that truly move the needle
  • Generate more progress without investing more time

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