Sophie Personne – relationship expert, podcast host, speaker, and bestselling author.

In her work, Sophie helps people discover the solutions to the problems they experience with others and themselves. She has coached singles, couples and groups, working on relationships of all kinds. Her life journey has encouraged her to write her first self-help book, drawing on her own experiences, training and tremendous success with her clients over the years. She wants to be able to share her knowledge to allow people to take control of their own relationships and behaviours, as well as giving them the tools to communicate and understand others better, in order to find happiness, contentment and fulfilment in their lives.

Relationships can be complicated…

In a world where we are more connected than we have ever been, we are probably also the loneliest we have ever been. We can watch people’s lives unfold through social media and compare them to our own, often leaving us with a feeling of inadequacy.

Singletons struggle to meet their significant others whilst for some, being in a relationship is not as fulfilling as they would want it to be. Feeling stuck in a rut and misunderstood as life and routine slowly take over, we sometimes wish things could be different.

We look to find reasons and answers to make our lives better, trying miracle cure after miracle cure, failing miserably and repeating the same mistakes.

This book will take you through a journey of understanding what the deep root cause of your present situation really is, unlocking the answers and send you on your way to happiness and fulfilment, by teaching you simple methods and thought processes that can be easily applied. It has been designed to help if you are struggling with current relationships or seeking a new one.

Explore the many ways Sophie can help you on her website. You’ll definitely want to subscribe to her YouTube channel and podcast for help with everything from your relationship with money to your relationship with your body. She also offers webinars and an ebook: Secrets to Successful Dating.

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