Nancy Mueller – author and coach

Nancy is an author, life coach, sensei, and speaker who teaches women how to recognize and eliminate their fear-based beliefs.

1998 marked the year Nancy started her work empowering women. Her business began when she started W.A.V.E. (Women Against Violent Encounters) teaching self-defence classes to women. Her work with women gradually transitioned to the work she does today to increase and enhance the lives of women around the world!

Her clients usually refer to her as their “Sensei” ~ a title from her days as a student, competitor and teacher in the martial mrts! Now… Nancy is sharing the mindset work of martial arts while teaching women how to recognise and eliminate the “Impostor Syndrome!”

Nancy will tell you that she has come to understand her life’s purpose is having daily, meaningful conversations that inspire, motivate and empower herself and others while increasing and enhancing the lives of women around the world!

Nancy lives her purpose as a coach, mentor, bestselling author, workshop leader and motivational speaker.

When people are ready to let go of their negative mind chatter, Nancy teaches them how they can Master Their Beliefs to recognise and eliminate impostor syndrome as they level up in all areas of their life!

The decision to write this book came at a major crossroads in my life. My husband of 34 years told me he wanted a divorce and during this time I lost everything, and then found myself!

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I wrote this book to help heal the relationship gaps that exist for so many parents and children. This book shares the life story of mother and daughter, first from the perspective of the daughter and then the mother’s as they both work to stop allowing the past to define their relationship in the present.

This book shares tools and techniques for anyone who is looking for an opportunity to heal their relationship.

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Any of the 3 Stages of Divorce can drive a woman to the depths of her worst fears with emotions that range from feeling vindicated one day to feeling like a victim the next.

This book empowers women through the divorce experience.

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As an adult, childhood memories often invoke something you’re trying to live up to or wish had never happened. Either way, since we can’t go back and undo the past, this book may be just what you’re looking for, if you’d like to experience your childhood memories in a more empowered way.

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