Lauryn Bradley – author and business strategist

Lauryn and I first met at a conference in 2019, where I asked her to write the forward for my book – the first draft of which I’d only just finished. I was nervous about asking, and as you’ll see when you read her foreword, she was a little nervous about accepting. 

You see, when you ask someone to write a foreword, you’re making a promise to someone else that you’re going to finish and publish the thing you’ve started writing. And when you’re asked to write a foreword, you realise, as you may not have before, that people see you differently after you publish your own book. Luckily for both of us, we got over our nerves and got on with the writing.

Lauryn is the UK’s top business strategist. Think of her as the epitome of understated brilliance. No fanfare. Just results. 

She has owned, started, scaled and sold global businesses for herself and her clients for almost 30 years. Lauryn is an introvert entrepreneur, prefers an easy life and is a cheerleader for building social equity. She is an online business mentor + trained consultant, not a business coach, so unlike most coaches, Lauryn has the practical experience and geek-ery to show you how to grow your business to 7 figures and beyond.

In 2018, Lauryn published Grow Your Tribe: How to Scale + Skyrocket Your Business by Loving Your Audience. As an introvert, the thought of connecting with people to ‘sell’ used to make her feel sick with dread but, she refused to let that hold her back.

In her book, Lauryn takes you through her journey of building super smart principles to scale + skyrocket your business, by loving and serving your audience – and by banishing those uncomfortable mindset blocks around ‘selling’. In the book, Lauryn teaches powerful techniques and shares her sales funnel strategy that helped her sell over 20,000 online courses!

To get to know Lauryn even better, you can join the 80/20 Club. You’ll learn a lot in her free Facebook group, but I highly recommend also joining her business mentoring program

Lauryn’s program will help you find freedom, confidence, and time for yourself and your family, which is probably why you became self-employed in the first place!

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