Gillian Jones-Williams – author & founder and managing director of Emerge Development Consultancy

Gillian is an author & founder and managing director of Emerge Development Consultancy which she founded 25 years ago. Her main focus is in organisational strategy development and change initiatives and she has successfully implemented HR strategies and projects, coaching and mentoring strategies and visions for many organisations. Her understanding and application of psychology, hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming allows her to build deep rapport and achieve outstanding and lasting behavioural changes with individuals and groups.

Gillian partners with many organisations to implement organisational changes and has designed and delivered programmes of varying sizes to national organisations and independent companies. She works well in multinational cultures having facilitated events and coached executives in Paris, Milan, Hamburg, The Netherlands, Barcelona, Norway, Brussels, Madrid, Dublin, Portugal, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, USA, China and Australia.

In her career as an author Gillian has contributed to the coaching book Best Practice in Performance Coaching, published by Kogan Page in September 2007 and endorsed by Sir John Whitmore and Sir Richard Branson. She has also co-authored 50 Top Tools for Coaching which was published by Kogan Page in Autumn 2009 and is now on its 5th edition. Gillian is an expert in organisational culture change and her book How to Create a Coaching Culture Strategy was first published in June 2014 with a 2nd edition released in 2018. She also recorded a DVD of 10 Top Tools for Coaching.

A complete resource for both in-house and external coaches, 50 Top Tools for Coaching presents the techniques required for every coaching situation. Full of exercises, models, checklists and templates, it covers how to assess the needs of clients, select the right tool for the circumstance and deliver effective coaching with confidence.

The fully revised edition includes new tools for topical issue such as development coaching for women and coaching in times of organisational change. Online supporting resources include additional tools, interactive templates and videos of the tools in action demonstrated by the authors.

Management approaches and workplace culture help to determine employee productivity, morale, talent acquisition and retention, and organisational adaptability. How to Create a Coaching Culture is a practical guide to embedding effective coaching behaviours within an organisation to empower and engage employees to perform at their best.

The fully updated second edition contains new materials on promoting employee engagement, reinventing performance reviews, and new and updated case studies for HarperCollins, British Airways and Leanintuit. Online resources include a series of downloadable templates and tools, including a board report, communication strategy, development plan, and pre- and post-course training assessment.

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