Abbie Broad – author and mindset coach

You’re going to see Abbie a couple of times in this retreat – first when I interview her about how she balanced writing her book with everything else in her life and then in our launch party when we celebrate her recently published book, which she started last November when she came to me for an outlining session, and mine!

Abbie is a mindset coach for women in business. She lives in Portsmouth with her husband Dave, and between them they have 4 beautiful daughters..

It was through her own personal experiences of counselling and coaching that she was inspired to become a coach, pledging to pay forward this amazing gift, to help others effect changes in their own lives.

As her coaching practice grew, she experienced many of her own struggles. Building a business is hard, and as she later discovered, mindset is often the biggest obstacle many of us encounter on that journey. Now as a mindset coach for women in business she helps other female entrepreneurs and small business owners to navigate the emotional journey of starting a business and supports them as they turn their passion into profit.

She offers a variety of affordable and accessible coaching programmes and loves nothing more than facilitating groups of women to share their ideas and experiences to offer insight and inspiration to each other. To release themselves from the struggles and move forward with confidence.

In Does It Really Need to Be This Hard? Abbie tells her story of determination, resilience, and tenacity to define and achieve her personal version of success. To meet her values and be fulfilled, through helping others to do the same.

This book is for female entrepreneurs and small business owners. For mums with a side-line or passion project. For those working alone or from home who require support to navigate the demands of finding a work life balance. For those who have just started out and for those who are stuck, struggling to overcome mindset blocks in their business.

The book is a personal account of Abbie’s journey and also includes her top mindset tips on how you too can overcome these challenges. There is access to a downloadable workbook to accompany the book as well as an invitation to join her online community. If you are embarking upon an entrepreneurial journey, starting or growing a business alone, part of an MLM, passion project or side-line and mindset blocks are getting in your way, then this is the book for you.

For those who are their product, coaches, therapists, and creatives, this book will provide insight into who you are and where your strengths lie. And for those already on the roller coaster, who may have hit a low point, it will teach you the tools to overcome and rise again.

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