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Self-assessment: Are You Ready to Write Your Book?

Photo of me in a cafe. I'm sitting at a table in a window. I'm looking at my laptop; my phone is next to it. The wall behind me is dark grey with a wooden star and wooden letters spelling the name of the cafe: Delaney's

I’ve created two versions of this assessment.

  • Choose the full colour one if you’re just going to view it on your screen or you have a colour printer.
  • Choose the black and white one if you want to save your colour ink or you use a screen reader (this version was created in Word and should be fully accessible; it that’s not the case, please let me know).

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Language Corner

Computer-generated drawing in white chalk on a green board. Picture of a woman sitting at a desk with her laptop open. There's a board on the wall next to her that reads: Welcome to Language Corner

Language Corner — These are short explainer videos about easily confused or commonly misused words.

Side view of books on a shelf - titles not really legible.

Recommended Reading — These are books I recommend to help you with your writing.

Downloadable Guides and Resources

Downloadable Guides and Resources — This is where you’ll find all the downloadable guides and resources I mention in blog posts.

Useful Videos

I'm facing my computer screen and smiling; I'm sitting in front of a bookcase and wearing a white shirt.

Useful Videos — This is where you’ll find topic focused videos I record on Facebook (and elsewhere).