Group Coaching

I have several options for writers who need some support but don’t need 1:1 coaching.

Facebook Group: The Entrepreneurs’ Writing Club

The first option is to join my free Facebook group: The Entrepreneurs’ Writing Club. I run challenges in this group and facilitate conversations about writing challenges.

The Accountability Thread

If you need a little more support, join The Accountability Thread. This one is also on Facebook; it costs £15 per month, but the first month is only £1 (you can cancel any time).

How it works:

  • Each day, you state your writing goal in that day’s thread, and you tell us whether your met your goal the previous day.
  • Each week, you’ll have the opportunity to ask me questions in a live Q&A. If you can’t make it live, message me your question and watch the replay.
  • Each fortnight, watch the new video tutorial for tips and tricks to make writing easier and more productive for you.

How it will help you:

  • Telling others what you plan to do will increase your motivation.
  • You’ll get support and encouragement every day from me and the other group members, and you’ll have the opportunity to help and encourage others.

EWC Writing Group

For even more support, join my EWC Writing Group; in this group, we’ll meet online to write together several times a week.

How it works:

✔ 3 90-minute writing sessions per week (via Zoom) to keep you on track to meet your goals.
✔ Q&A with me during breaks and at the beginning/end of each session — you’ll be surprised how much a little group coaching will help your confidence as a writer!
✔ Monthly video tutorials to help you become a more confident writer.

**Special bonuses emailed to you every 6 weeks!

How it will help you:

This group is perfect for those who find it easier to be productive in co-working situations and for those who need a little coaching, but not 1:1 coaching.

Try it for £25 (a 50% discount) for your first month; you can cancel any time.