Be a Happy, Visible Blogger – À la carte

This option is perfect for writers who need specific support, but either don’t need or don’t want the commitment of a membership programme.

One-to-One Coaching

If you need occasional coaching, you can book it here. After you sign up, I’ll send you a short questionnaire (to help me prepare for our meeting) and my Calendly link so you can choose a time for our meeting.

All coaching sessions will be held via Zoom.

30-minute coaching session

Choose this if you have a specific question that can be answered in half an hour.


60-minute coaching session

Choose this if you have a slightly more complex writing issue (so something that can’t be solved in half an hour), but still a problem that can be fixed in one session.


3-session package

Choose this if you need support over a few sessions to help you implement new, healthy writing habits. You’ll get 3 sessions. Each session will last for 60 minutes. In your questionnaire, you will get to choose whether your sessions are spread over three weeks, six weeks, or six months.



These courses can be purchased individually (£27 each) or as part of my Be a Happy, Visible Blogger membership (HVB). If you’re in HVB and you pay monthly, the courses will be released in the order they’re listed below; if you pay annually, you’ll have access to all courses as they are added to the site.

Courses with a yellow ‘learn more’ button, have been added to the site and are available for purchase. Those with a blank, grey button will be added soon!

Green background. Title: Magic Ideas Generator is in the middle. Magic is in white script; the rest is in yellow capital letters. around the title are yellow, white, and light blue stars. There's a white squiggly line under the title.

If you struggle to generate ideas for your blog, social media posts, or membership site, this course is for you!

Green background with question marks in white, yellow, and dark green; title in the middle: Using Questions to Make Writing Fast and Easy.

In this course, you’ll learn how to focus your ideas and use questions to make writing faster and easier!

This course will help you learn to quickly produce messy drafts and then give you the tools to easily bring order to the chaos.

White background. Green and yellow sections in the corners. Title: Effective Titles: How to use titles to attract and engage readers. Cropped photo of me sitting on a beach reading a book. My face isn't visible. I'm wearing a yellow top with a white jacket and ripped blue jeans. It's a sunny day I'm sitting cross legged on the beach with the sea visible in the background

Titles attract your readers and subtitles keep them on your page to read your blog posts – in this course, you’ll learn to master using them both!

Background: white on the left quarter; yellow on the rest. Title: Growth: How to use your blog to grow your business. In the yellow section, there is a graphic showing a bar graph with a line of growth indicated by an upwardly trending arrow. To the left and right of the bars in the graph are leaves/foliage. A man is shown climbing a ladder placed against the tallest bar in the graph (right most bar) and placing a trophy cup on top of it.

This course will help you plan your posts to work with your business calendar and structure them to encourage your readers to take the actions you want them to take.

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