Be a Happy, Visible Blogger

What level of support is right for you?

You know blogging is important for supporting your clients, growing your audience, and improving your SEO, but it still sometimes feels like a chore. You keep moving it down your to-do list, sort of hoping it will just go away.

It doesn’t have to be this hard.

Check out the three options I have for supporting bloggers just like you!


On a black background, a brown spiral-bound planner with a black grid and the word PLAN. in printed in black at the bottom. On top of the planner is brown paper card with Monday written on it and a white and gold pen. Over the upper right corner are the green leafy stems of a flower.

This is for you if you want regular support and instant access for all of my resources to bloggers as I add them to the site!

Monthly membership

Woman’s hands typing on a silver laptop sitting on a light-coloured worksurface; she’s wearing a yellow top and silver wedding band and engagement ring. To the right of the laptop are three small plants in pots and a white card that reads: Everything starts with a dream.

Choose this option if you want the regular support of a membership but prefer to focus on just one lesson each month!

À la

Open notebook with a white and gold pen on a wooden desk - above the notebook are a silver microphone and a potted plant.

This is perfect for you if you just need a little help with topics of your choosing or an occasional hour of coaching!

Jane Eggers smiling at the camera. She has chin-length, wavy brown hair and she's wearing a lovely dark blue top with a light blue jacket and a silver and blue necklace (silver chain and beads; blue flower pendant in the middle). She's standing in the woods with dappled sunshine.

I love working with Jennifer. She is patient, thoughtful, non-judgemental, extremely knowledgeable and always has a good idea for getting the creative juices flowing. Her coaching sessions give me structure and keep me accountable, and I always come away feeling that “yes, I can do this”!

Jane Eggers, Translator
Kari Roberts headshot - Kari has shoulder-length blonde hair with a fringe. She's smiling at the camera and is wearing pearl earrings, pink lipstick, and a light blue lacey top.

Having struggled to believe I can write and anyone would want to read my writing, Jennifer has shown me how it can be fun and by using creative methods the words flow. Working with Jennifer has given me a renewed love of writing.  She shows the perfect balance of Coaching and Accountability and what I have learned from her is priceless.

Kari Roberts, Parenting Specialist